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February 15th, 2019, 5:36 am
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From the Author
Dins February 15th, 2019, 5:36 am
I've been excited about this page for a while lmao.... Marty you sweet summer child.

In other news, charms will finally be available tomorrow! So stay tuned for a seperate announcement with the link. Sorry it's been a long time coming, but I hope you guys will like them :'>
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Eyrist February 15th, 2019, 6:51 am
Ralend February 15th, 2019, 7:07 am
@Eyrist: you mean 'Poof'
MoxMox February 15th, 2019, 2:13 pm
Gosh I love her. Also electron and positron are like my anxiety and me lmao
(also psst there's a typo on positron in the first panel)
JoKeR February 15th, 2019, 2:34 pm
@MoxMox: @Dins:
MoxMox is right.
Or we keep the typo and then rename the whole comic.
Dins February 15th, 2019, 5:32 pm
@MoxMox: omg, thank you for catching that one, I can't believe I typoed the most important word lmaoooo