Martin “Marty” Pryce
A soldier on an interplanetary mission and the protagonist of our story. Sociable, workaholic, can be impulsive and sarcastic. Likes monologuing and running away from his problems, preferrably lightyears at a time.
Ben Marshall
Fellow soldier and mentor / father-figure to Marty. A lot older than he looks, but only recently got married. Laid back, patient and friendly with a strong moral compass. Works out a lot.
High ranking official of the Interplanetary Military Alliance (IMA) and captain of the CH-F3 cargo ship for the duration of its current mission. Appears stern but competent and trustworthy.
Science officer and researcher for the IMA and part of the CH-F3’s technical support crew on its current mission. Pragmatic and to-the-point. Quite sociable but usually reserved and somewhat hard to read.
Senior officer and main pilot of the CH-F3 cargo ship since its first flight. Experienced, disciplined and incredibly skilled but somewhat excentric, although easy to get along with. Enjoys energy drinks.
Not much is known about him, other than that he appears antagonistic and likes high-kicks. Could use a haircut.